If you are having your prostate removed, it is recommended to see a physiotherapist at least 6 weeks prior to your operation (if possible). The reason for this is that patients who commence pelvic floor exercises prior to their operation, have less bladder leakage after their operation. There is lots of research to support this - hence why surgeons and prostate care nurses suggest a pre-op physio appointment.

A pre-operative appointment will provide education about what your pelvic floor is, where it is and what it does. The reason you need to know how to contract your pelvic floor after the operation is because bladder leakage is common, but strong pelvic floor muscles may keep you dry in the long term.

You will learn how to contract your pelvic floor muscles and the physio will check that you are doing this correctly, either with RTUS (real time ultrasound) or palpation of the muscles externally. You are then given a home exercise program to work on until you have your operation.

Advice is also given about what to expect after your prostate is removed, managing your bowels, exercising after the operation and sexual function. Appointments are recommended after your operation as well, to maximise and guide your recovery.

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