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Traumatic Birth

Have you had a traumatic birth? If you have had a traumatic birth then the thought of the next birth can be confronting. One in three Australian mums experience birth trauma. This can be physical, psychological or a combination of both. Psychologists can help deal...

Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health

Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health

When people think of physiotherapists, they often think of their patients as being people who play sport or need rehabilitation in a hospital. In reality, physios work with a wide range of clients, and this includes people with pelvic health issues. Usually the first...

Pelvic Floor Assessment During Pregnancy

When people think of having a pelvic floor assessment they may think about having one after you have a vaginal delivery. In-fact it can be very helpful to have one during pregnancy! Why is it helpful? To get an idea of what your pelvic floor is like prior to delivery....